You Don’t Have to Change Who You Are to Foster Meaningful Relationships With People.

Learn how to connect deeply with others & still be true to your values and needs.

Social Communication: A Never-Ending Struggle for Neurodifferent Individuals.

People with neurocognitive differences engage with their surroundings through a different lens.

Unfortunately, that often translates to unique challenges that prevent them from establishing genuine relationships or force them to sacrifice their authenticity in their effort to succeed.

Find The Right Balance Between Your Humanitarian & Personal Values.

As an experienced mentor and coach, I can help you curb the feelings of loneliness and isolation, encouraging you to become socially and professionally successful while maintaining all the characteristics of your personality.

My one-on-one sessions can assist you in transforming yourself into a confident person who relates to others and builds strong relationships with them.

Work With A Person Who Feels & Understands You.

Being a neurodifferent individual myself, I know firsthand the obstacles you need to overcome to develop a social life.

Thanks to my extensive experience with various neuroprofiles, I have the background to help you, customizing every session to your requirements and aspirations.

Change Your Life By Altering Your Perspective

Artwork by Silver Huang. A stylised female figure, painted in rich purple, stands foreground, with her face and arms lifted high to the sky. Seven glowing points of seven coloured lights (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and white) illuminate her body's seven chakras from base to crown. Golden light emanates from her body, in wave and crystalline form.

Take the first step towards a better life by embracing a different approach.

Through my integrated coaching and mentoring sessions, I will help deep, and complex thinkers and feelers like yourself better understand themselves and face their current problems while having an overview of their long-term development.

Hi! I'm Silver.

I'm a coach & mentor helping neurodifferent people develop meaningful relationships without sacrificing their authenticity.