I Help People With Differences Flourish. 

Learn how you can to tap into your innate capability for transformation, wholeness and adaptability, to support your flourishing as a person who is divergent from the norms.

Championing Maverick Bodies, Hearts, Minds & Spirits

I support a tribe of people with who share uncommonly vibrant inner experiences and dynamic outer expressions that often set them apart as different.

Sensitive bodies and hearts that sense and feel so much, and care so keenly,

Complex minds that plumb the depths of anything and connect the unexpected, and

Intense spirits that demand to live, create and contribute more authentically, compassionately and responsibly to the greater collective of humanity and ecology.

To Flourish Through Transformation, Wholeness & Adaptability

Flourishing is a lifelong practice, rather than a linear progression, or goal to be attained.

It is a multi-dimensional body of skills—transformation, wholeness and adaptability—that you can learn, practice and customise to fit your unique needs and circumstances.

Together, these skillsets provide the foundation for your flourishing in daily life.

Guided by Someone Who Has Walked the Path & Can Help You Map Your Way

Being a person who was born and lived with the impacts of being different, I know firsthand the challenges you face, in both your inner and outer life, with yourself and others.

You are not alone. As an experienced mentor who specialises in helping people with divergent histories and experiences, I provide bespoke support, unique to your history, values and needs.

Warm and spacious presence for your reflection,

Penetrating and playful insight for your contemplation, and

Interactive, visual mapping of your process, to aid your understanding of your journey, past, present and emerging.

Hi! I'm Silver.

I am a mentor. I work to help people with differences—of body, heart, mind and spirit—make a difference in their lives, and the lives of others.