Silver Huang

Coach & Mentor.

Silver is a profoundly gifted, autistic and multisensory intuitive who is a coach and mentor for highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted (HEPG) adults.

Her passion is to inspire, liberate and empower HEPG adults to Be.

She uses her unique neurocognitive wiring to analyse and articulate conscious and unconscious states and processes in logical yet empathetic language and structure. Her mission is to liberate and empower HEPG adults to embrace and express their innate power to choose and create the sustainable and meaningful life they aspire and deserve to experience.

She is also the founder of Intrepid Integrity, a 12-week authenticity incubator helping gifted adults be who they are—boldly and joyfully—through coaching and community.

Silver is also works as an assessment coach-in-training for InterGifted, delivering pragmatic clarity to gifted adults regarding their unique neurocognitive wiring.

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relating to nerves or the nervous system

an unorthodox or independent-minded person

Silver coined the term neuromaverick sometime in 2017—

One who is neurocognitively “hardwired” to unorthodox and innovative intentions, passions and aspirations of inimitable depth, intensity and complexity.

She spent her childhood and early adulthood unaware of her giftedness and autism. She struggled blindly through the complex trauma of social exclusion in personal and professional arenas and spent most of her life feeling existentially and creatively isolated.

Silver’s life experience imbued her with a passion for the meta-themes of integrity and authenticity, self-actualisation and self-transcendence. She was especially obsessed with the challenge of how to apply such meta-themes practically in daily life, creatively and compassionately.

She received her autism diagnosis at the age of 32 in 2013. The diagnosis helped to explain some things about her life to date but not everything. It was only when she received identification as profoundly gifted, at the age of 36 in 2017, that things started making sense.

You can find out more about her journey via her article on InterGifted or her interview with Embracing Intensity.


Silver is committed to being on the cutting edge of gifted experience and expression, in pursuit of the deepest integrity of being in the moment and seeking alignment in all dimensions of being, from material to existential.

Championing Possibility.

Silver is driven by a core belief that it is possible.

All things begin with the belief in possibility, without which, nothing is. The creation of a sustainable and meaningful life is no less important a human endeavour, for Silver believes it to be foundational to the possibility of a humane culture and society for all.

Embracing Diversity.

Silver’s work is guided by her practice of all-inclusiveness of Being.

She steadfastly believes in the necessity of being aware of and accepting all the pieces of one’s unique and multi-dimensional puzzle of self-experience—constructive or destructive—in order to create a sustainable and meaningful life.

Celebrating Honesty.

Silver advocates a philosophy and practice of raw honesty, with self and other, which she practices in her own personal and professional life, for she knows firsthand how destructive being silenced by fear and shame can be.

She strongly encourages others by example to embrace the exhilarating courage needed as the first step on the journey to Being.

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