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Coaching for Gifted Adults

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Gifted Coaching

Silver’s coaching work centres around helping gifted, twice- and multi-exceptional adults cultivate self-determination from a present, whole and resourced state of being.

She adapts somatic concepts in coaching to help clients titrate and anchor personal development work from resourced capacity in the now, and leads with intuition to help clients integrate macro and micro dimensions of their life with playful compassion.

Silver helped me explore my mind & reignite my spirit.

Daniel H

It clearly felt like I was talking to someone who enjoyed to think and someone who had the information too. I found her to be really passionate and relaxed in her approach, she is open and honest and it was just an overwhelming experience as a whole. After just a few minutes into our chat the chaos in my mind was already beginning to find order again. I really can’t remember the last time I had my expectations exceeded so substantially. 

Gifted Assessments

Silver offers qualitative giftedness assessments through InterGifted, to help adults ascertain if and where they are on the giftedness scale, as well as how their different areas of intelligence intersect and interact.

Her assessments consider twice- and multi-exceptionalities, intersectionalities and complicating factors such as trauma, environmental or cultural histories, and other physical and mental health issues.

I felt seen, understood & had a great deal of my intuitions confirmed.

Kari B

Due to feeling unseen in assessment experiences in the past, I was quite nervous coming into this experience. The resonance I felt with Silver was so disarming, that I felt the intensity of sensual and somatic perceptions returning at a similar rate that I felt shame releasing from my body. My imagination is even more vivid, more rich with color than before.

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Titration is a concept from Somatic Experiencing. The word “titration” is a term used in chemistry where two reagents are mixed drop by drop to avoid an explosive reaction. It also describes the process of carefully and slowly introducing a new drug to a patient to determine the right dosage.

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About Silver

Silver is a trained coach, mentor, trainer and assessor with InterGifted.

Originally from Singapore, and now based in Australia, she has worked with a diverse range of gifted, twice- and multi-exceptional adults from all over the world.

The main focus of her work is helping clients to see and understand how their unique somatic, intuitive and cognitive profiles work.

Her passion is helping clients cultivate self-determination from a present, whole and resourced state of being.