Silver Huang

Coaching for Gifted Adults

Gifted Coaching

Silver’s coaching work centres around helping gifted, twice- and multi-exceptional adults cultivate self-determination from a present, whole and resourced state of being.

She adapts somatic concepts in coaching to help clients titrate and anchor personal development work from resourced capacity in the now, and leads with intuition to help clients integrate macro and micro dimensions of their life with playful compassion.

Silver helped me explore my mind & reignite my spirit.

Daniel H

It clearly felt like I was talking to someone who enjoyed to think and someone who had the information too. I found her to be really passionate and relaxed in her approach, she is open and honest and it was just an overwhelming experience as a whole. After just a few minutes into our chat the chaos in my mind was already beginning to find order again. I really can’t remember the last time I had my expectations exceeded so substantially. 

Featured Content

My exploration into creativity began when I realised I did not get my play needs met as a gifted × autistic child, and subsequently, I grew into adulthood with the physiological and psychological scars of play deprivation. In this article, I share my story of creative reawakening as a simple roadmap for how even the most disconnected of us can start the process of reawakening our creative agency.

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As a child, I perceived a complex, multi-dimensional tapestry of ecosystems and universes, seen and unseen, intersecting and interconnecting, sharing and communicating—living, breathing, dying and re-birthing with one another. In this article, I share how I lost that connection, and the steps I took to rekindle my relationships with the unseen realms, through the help of my non-physical mentors—The Earth Elders.

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Titration is a concept from Somatic Experiencing (SE). The founder of SE, Peter Levine, uses the term to describe the slow and careful approach to trauma healing to prevent unnecessary overwhelm of the nervous system. In this article, I discuss how titration is not only important in therapy and trauma healing of the past, but also in coaching and personal growth in the present.

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In this Embracing Intensity podcast episode, you can listen to a talk I gave on resilience, where I ​provide a working definition of resilience as the ability to transmute adversity into opportunity, via adaptability​. I also discuss the importance of employing fluid and agile perspectives in order to do so, and share six perspective templates that I commonly use to help me shift out of unhelpful perspectives.

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Silver's accurate perception has met my needs with grace, raw honesty, and energy.

Ellen H

Debilitating self-doubt clouded my ability to see myself as others see me, or understand that I have unusual abilities and extremely specific needs. Work with Silver provided the immediate and novel opportunity to recognize, value, and trust my own gifts. This woman delivers. I sense unanticipated possibilities for this life; confident I will be well counseled during the journey ahead.

About Silver

Silver is trained coach who has worked with a diverse range of gifted, twice- and multi-exceptional adults from all over the world.

The main focus of her work is helping clients to see and understand how their unique somatic, intuitive and cognitive profiles work.

Her passion is helping clients cultivate self-determination from a present, whole and resourced state of being.