Thank you for your interest in my coaching and mentoring services! Please read this logistics page carefully for more information on how you can start working with me.


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Intake for new or returning clients.

If you are a new client, or a client returning after a year or more, here are your best next steps.

Get to know my work! Make sure what I'm offering is what you are looking for. This helps us get off to a right start. Start by perusing the following pages.

What Is Neurodivergence?

What Is the Sovereignty & Generativity Cycle?

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Write me a message! Let me know why you are interested in coaching and mentoring with me, and what it is you are looking for, or wanting to work on in your life.

Here's where we both get to ask each other questions to better ascertain if we are a good fit for moving forward with next steps. We'll discuss your needs, budget and time commitments, and whether or not we should start with coaching, or jump right in with mentoring.

If we both agree on either coaching or mentoring, then our next step is me sending you my scheduler and you booking your session or sessions, and away we go! 


I only offer virtual sessions, via Zoom.

As I work with clients from all over the globe, we have to work with that little pesky thing called time zones. Here is my general availability for your reference. All times are Melbourne, Australia time. 

Mondays & Fridays

09:00 am, 12:00 pm & 03:00 pm

Tuesdays & Saturdays

12:00 pm, 03:00 pm & 06:00 pm

You can use this time zone converter to check what these days and times are for you.

If these times do not work for you, please let me know and we can work out a time that suits us both. Please remember to include your time zone and preferred dates and times in your request.

Rates & Billing.

The following rates are accurate as of 19 November 2021.


640 AUD per 120-minute session

Mentoring (Standard Package)

3 × 580 AUD per 120-minute session

Mentoring (Extended Package)

6 × 520 AUD per 120-minute session