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For neurodifferent adults who are called to leadership with integrity and humanity.

My clients are neurodifferent adults who feel called to personal and broader leadership with integrity and humanity. They care about how they can:

  • Be true to themselves, inside and out;
  • Be in the world in a way that embraces the diversity of humanity respectfully and compassionately; and
  • Co-lead and co-create change, on micro or macro scales, in a way that honours both the integrity and humanity of self and other.

They are no strangers to the inner and outer work of personal development, usually having had some years of experience as both therapy and coaching client. Often, however, they reached a point in their healing and personal development where, though they now feel grounded and assured in their ability to self-care and self-determine, they found themselves feeling oddly restless, even curiously lost sometimes and asking, "Where do I grow next?" 

My clients are ready to:

  • Move beyond the self, into the space between self and other, and to determine for themselves how they shall contribute to that space, in their immediate personal and professional lives, and the wider world beyond.
  • Build on their foundations of healing and personal development and learn new skills to courageously and vulnerably navigate new frontiers of connection, relationship, service and leadership.
  • Bring forth the unique gifts—skills, talents, passions and visions—that have lain dormant within them for years or decades, for the benefit of self and other, so as to contribute to the incredible change making happening all over the world, on so many levels and in so many domains.

Towards this end, my clients are looking for a deeply intimate yet forthright longer-term relationship with a professional peer who can:

  • Not only hold space for and witness, but match and celebrate their speed, depth and breadth of experience and expression as they fluidly grow and evolve; 
  • Guide them towards how they can channel and shape their complexity, intensity and sensitivity into meaningful outcomes and generative leadership, in their personal, professional and global lives; and
  • Continue to model the leading edge of self development and leadership with responsibility, wonder and vulnerability.

An integrated coaching & mentoring experience.

My practice integrates coaching and mentoring approaches to create a space that is collaborative and versatile, where we:

  • Work on client-led questions, challenges and goals that are pertinent the their experiences, needs and wants in the now; and at the same time,
  • Connect the client's processes and progress to the broader trajectory of the their overall personal and leadership development.

I affirm and support clients as being inherently:

  • Whole, dynamic and multi-dimensional; as well as
  • Capable, autonomous and creatively resourceful.

My role as coach and mentor is that of guide and companion. I provide a bespoke experience for each of my clients, unique to their neurodifferent individuality, capacity, values, needs and wants. 

  • As a multi-sensory intuitive, I closely follow the micro and macro signals and patterns unfolding within clients to provide accurate reflections and insights that challenge and inspire, nurture and empower them to embody and emanate the fullness of their being.
  • I am well-versed in helping my clients understand and integrate the many dimensions of their life and reality, including giftedness, twice- or multi-exceptionalities, intersectionalities, cultural and environmental factors, on physical, psychological, emotional, existential and intuitive levels, from intergenerational, past, present or future times, within the self or between self and other, human or non-human, embodied or disembodied, in this dimension or another.

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Exploratory session

You get a taste of the coaching experience & we figure out if we are a good match.

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/ one-hour session

  • Includes one email follow up.
Coaching Session

Ad-hoc coaching support for those who prefer the flexibility to work at their own pace & rhythms.

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/ two-hour session

  • Includes one email follow up.
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Ad-hoc Email Coaching

Ad-hoc email support for those questions that just pop out of nowhere.

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