It is more than an evaluation, it’s a piece of Art.

I cannot thank Silver enough for this assessment. It is more than an evaluation, it’s a piece of Art. I was very nervous during our session and she did so well to put me at ease. I could feel physically this non-verbal communication that gifted people have flowing between us and energising-relaxing me. And it was a lot of fun too! I can’t explain but there were many layers to our communication that I could feel in my body. Her relational diagram is so accurate! Reading the report has helped me to understand better what you explained and I have felt things in my body reorganising since we spoke, it’s what you put together so well about my body and senses. How could she learn so much and so deeply about me? I am very happily surprised. This is incredible. Thank you so much.

Julio Delgado

My assessment with Silver was incredibly healing.

My assessment with Silver was incredibly healing. To have someone so intuitive and knowledgeable see and understand the big picture of who I am, and on such a deep level, even the seemingly “crazy” and confusing parts, was exactly what I needed to understand and accept myself on a deeper level too. Her assessment provided me with a vast amount of information into how my thinking is structured and how past experiences have shaped my current functioning. Silver’s authenticity is contagious and it can be felt during the assessment too. It was a lot to process at first, but my life took many turns for the better afterwards. It was absolutely worth the investment. Thank you Silver. ❤️

Jay Manya

Silver helped me explore my mind & reignite my spirit.

I just want to say I think it’s incredible that Silver self discovered such a vast understanding of the human mind and that she is a true inspiration to me and I am sure many others too. I felt restricted by others, my environment and I had a genuine feeling of hopelessness. I was fed up of finding the overlap whilst communicating with another and squeezing my entire self into it. I actually just wanted to explore, learn and have fun. I wanted to interact with people on a light note whilst also being myself. Silver helped me explore my mind and reignite my spirit, she discovered so much I didn’t know about myself and also confirmed my thoughts about the things I suspected. It clearly felt like I was talking to someone who enjoyed to think and someone who had the information too. I found her to be really passionate and relaxed in her approach, she is open and honest and it was just an overwhelming experience as a whole. I felt the subtleties to the things she was saying connecting in my mind to make so much sense. After just a few minutes into our chat the chaos in my mind was already beginning to find order again. I really can’t remember the last time I had my expectations exceeded so substantially. Really there is nothing more pleasant than hearing (and feeling) another mind dig deep into what is and what isn’t. It makes so much sense what she said. I feel so much clarity and now a sense of relief actually and I thoroughly look forward to her report and to future sessions with her. It was amazing, truly!

Daniel Harvey

Silver’s assessment skills are profound – this woman delivers.

My internal world is quickly and completely re-organising after assessment and just 2 coaching sessions with Silver Huang. Debilitating self-doubt clouded my ability to see myself as others see me, or understand that I have unusual abilities and extremely specific needs. Silver’s accurate perception has met my needs with the grace, raw honesty, and energy required to generate a self-healing process. After a forty years spent in hot pursuit of self-actualisation, work with Silver provided the immediate and novel opportunity to recognise, value, and trust my own gifts. Silver’s assessment skills are profound – this woman delivers. I sense unanticipated possibilities for this life; confident I will be well counselled during the journey ahead.

Ellen Heed

Talking to Silver was crucial for me & still is, every time.

Talking to Silver was crucial for me and still is, every time. I encounter a person who looks further into infinity than I ever knew when we talk. Silver really does that. She stands firm and—as she uses the word “intrepid”—really owns up to the name “Intrepid Integrity”. I am blown away. Views I held dear and that were actually doing me more harm than anything else, I could finally see as such : just thoughts. And that was the case only after ONE session. I thought about what she said ALL the time and still do. When there is a tough situation for me, I wonder, “What would I tell Silver and how would I tell her?” and the words arise naturally, as well as the attitude that I need. I meet a fellow human and a person I look up to whenever we connect and I take this opportunity again—here—to say, “Thank you Silver, for all you did for me, for all you do even when you are not around—in a sense you still are. Meeting you is a great gift to me and the help you provide allows me to fix up family members’ stories and therefore put back together a situation that is a big mess and was so for generations. Big, big issues are taken care of, which would otherwise be impossible to handle on my own. The world needs this contribution. I do. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.”

Pierre Simmet

I’ve never felt so heard, validated and understood in my life!

Thank you! I just wanted to say I’ve never felt so heard, validated and understood in my life! I have this huge sense of relief after having talked to you, it’s awesome! Someone who finally really gets me, thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed. I feel so re-energised after our sessions together.

Sara Berg-Johnson

I have been celebrating & processing the insights she provided.

Our time together had such an impact and has helped cause a major shift in my life. I have never been this happy before. Silver’s perspective helped my see myself in a light and with evidence I never considered. For the remainder of the week I have been celebrating and processing the insights she provided and a game plan for how to proceed. She had a solid plan and understanding from my notes of what may be the areas of giftedness. She processed my replies in real time, and enhanced her professional assessment of my skill set. Her extensive knowledge and use of many auxiliary branches of science helped compliment our conversation yet never got us off track. She did her work very well and I will benefit from it for the rest of my life. I am not overstating the impact our conversation had on me.

Christopher Dowlen

I feel accurately assessed & understood, which is heartening.

I definitely feel I have benefited from my assessment session with Silver. Personally I think she does a refreshingly good job articulating the various “concepts” of gifted cognition and she managed to do so by specifically making sense of what applies to me. In general, I appreciate the way she explained everything during the call. As I reflect more, I realise that she was able to grasp and understand the reasoning/implications of what I was saying which subconsciously allowed me to explain how I really think. I almost always filter my communication with other people. In a lot of ways I feel accurately assessed and understood which is heartening. I feel she did a lovely job understanding the whole picture and also explaining everything to me, so I really appreciate it. I’ve have quite a positive experience working with her and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work/learn more from her in the future as well. 🙂

Sid Sridhar