Service Disclaimer

Silver is not a medical, psychiatric or therapeutic professional and services do not provide a therapeutic relationship in any modality, psychological or somatic.

Silver does not provide diagnosis, treatment or support for medical or psychological conditions or disorders.

Silver's website and services do not provide and are not a substitute for counselling, psycho- or somatic- therapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, or other professional advice by legal, medical, psychiatric, therapeutic or other qualified professionals.

Somatic therapeutic concepts, such as titration and resource, are used to describe aspects of Silver's own coaching methodology where she has adapted these concepts herself for specific use within non-therapeutic coaching context only.

Coaching vs. Therapy

As a coach, Silver is not licensed to work with clients’ psychotherapeutic content, dynamics or trauma histories.

Therefore a coaching session cannot support the processing of either psychotherapeutic content and dynamics, or trauma experiences, including concrete and concrete details about events, emotions or energies related to either of the above, as clients run the risk of nervous system overwhelm or shutdown.

Silver does sometimes carefully tread the boundary between coaching and therapy with specific clients, where she listens to them carefully and briefly describe certain overarching meta-themes of their history and experiences, but only with informed mutual consent that:

  • The objective of the narration is clearly related to a coaching goal or challenge, and that their narration is focused on them discovering and identifying meta points or themes that will help them clarify why and how they are experiencing coaching challenges in the now.
  • They are capable of and maintain a state of self-regulation while doing so. They must either be capable of self-detecting for either overwhelm or shutdown, and know to stop, or they must be open to Silver's gently but firmly interrupting them should she detect the possibility or event of overwhelm or shutdown, as well as any other therapeutic content or dynamics.
  • They must demonstrate the capability to be able to bring themselves back into a regulated state of being in-session. Alternatively, they must be open to Silver gently but firmly suggesting that they stop the session and discuss via email referral to a gifted somatic therapist before proceeding with another coaching session.  
When clients are able to intentionally tread the boundary between past and present, whereby they dip only enough into the past in order to glean wisdom that is applicable in the now, while carefully maintaining an embodied state of regulation and resource, it is a very clarifying and empowering experience.