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A collection of long-form educational articles.

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Hi! My name is Silver Huang. I am a neurodiversity coach & mentor who is passionate about helping neurodifferent adults thrive and lead with integrity and humanity. I work for a world where we can honour our unique differences, and co-create meaningful relationships with others. Find out more about how I arrived at this work.

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In my work and practice, I use the term neurodifference to describe any biopsychological experiences or presentations that do not fit neuronormative conceptions, perceptions and expectations. Find out more about how I work with clients who have such experiences or presentations.

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The Sovereignty & Generativity Cycle is a framework that guides clients on their journeys towards living and leading with integrity and humanity. Learn more about how it can help you to navigate the tension, and sometimes conflict, between self and other, in your personal, professional and global life.

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I work with clients who feel called to personal and broader leadership with integrity and humanity. Find out more about how I provide a bespoke coaching and mentoring experience for each of my clients, unique to their neurodifferent individuality, capacity, values, needs and wants.

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