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Focusing on releasing & integrating blocks—rather than trying to generate motivation  through contrived means like  setting resolutions—so I can  flow in alignment with what  wants to be created from  within me has been an  indescribable experience. Read more. Link in bio.
What is Neurodifference? Any biopsychological experiences or presentations that do not fit neuronormative conceptions, perceptions and expectations. Common neurodifferent labels include attention deficit and/or hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), giftedness, learning disabilities (LD), sensory processing disorder (SPD), to name but a few, as well as uncommon modalities of cognition, i.e. visual, spatial, somatic and synaesthesic.
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A collection of long-form educational articles.

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Hi! My name is Silver Huang. I am a neurodiversity coach & mentor who is passionate about helping neurodifferent adults thrive and lead with integrity and humanity. I work for a world where we can honour our unique differences, and co-create meaningful relationships with others. Find out more about how I arrived at this work.

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