Gifted × Autistic Women's (G×AW) Peer Group

Many gifted women, after years of not understanding why or how they are functionally different from the people around them—even from other gifted people—discover that autism explains their extra differences: their hyperlogical mind, their difficulty with social rules, their executive function or sensory overwhelm challenges, and so on.

Finding out about autism for these women feels like “things suddenly coming together and making sense for the first time”. This realisation often leads them to a completely new journey of self-rediscovery of their unique profiles, and how the strengths and challenges of autism provide them unique opportunities for growth, expression, meaning-making and connection with themselves and with others.

A self-development peer group for G×A women.

The G×AW provides an empowering and generative space for these women to come together and support each other in their self-discovery journey.

For two hours once a month over six months, G×A women gather on Zoom to share, discuss and explore different themes related to life as a gifted and autistic woman, from the meta to the granular—Facilitated by Silver Huang.

Exploring different themes related being a G×A woman.

  • Integrating knowledge of autism in their lives;
  • Differentiating autism, giftedness and trauma, and where they overlap, in daily life;
  • Identifying, working with and healing from autistic trauma;
  • Cultivating self-care that is authentic and autism-friendly;
  • Creating authentic connection with others; and
  • Cultivating generativity in daily life, given your unique profile, values, relationships and resources.

For G×A women who are ready and excited to learn, grow and share with peers.

G×AW is designed for G×A who are ready and excited to learn, grow and share with their peers from a resourced, here and now state of being.

This means that it is important for participants to be able to give and receive from a space of safety, stability and curiosity, in themselves and in their lives.

Here are some indicators that you need gifted-specific support prior to participation: 

  • If you are struggling with feelings of resistance to your gifted and/or autism discovery and integration;
  • If you experience any feelings of resistance, anxiety or overwhelm at the thought of participation;
  • If you are in emotional or existential turmoil or crisis.

If any of the above apply to you, please contact Silver to discuss scheduling an orienting session to determine best next steps, or finding a gifted-specific therapist via InterGifted's Gifted Therapy Search service to support you working towards feeling safe, stable, connected and hopeful before participation. If you are in an urgent crisis situation, please seek qualified medical, psychiatric or crisis-oriented psychological support. 


Sessions are two-hours long, via Zoom, once a month for six months.

Each session costs 125 CHF and payment of 750 CHF for all six sessions is payable upfront to InterGifted during registration.

Scheduling is determined per session with participants. As Silver is located in Australia, sessions are scheduled in Melbourne Time (Australian Eastern Time). Please let Silver know which of the following time periods best suits you for scheduling:

Each group will be limited to six participants. Please use the above time zone converters to check for fit with your scheduling needs, including DST shifts.

Gifted × Autistic coaching also available.

Silver also offers G×A discovery and integration coaching on an individual basis, which can be pursued separately or in tandem with the group sessions.

Find out more about Silver's coaching approach or get in touch with her if you’d like to explore one-to-one coaching with her.

Registration for G×AW is closed!

If you are interested in joining future intakes, please join the waiting list by completing the form below.