Gifted Coaching

Silver’s coaching work centres around helping gifted, twice- and multi-exceptional adults cultivate and practice adaptive and generative self-determination that emerges from a present, whole and resourced state of being.

She adapts somatic concepts* to help clients titrate and anchor personal development work from resourced capacity in the now.

She employs multi-sensory intuitive modalities to help clients clarify polygenetic origins of acute or chronic challenges and integrate macro and micro dimensions of their life with playful compassion.

Affirming capability, autonomy and sovereignty.

Silver’s work strongly affirms clients’ capability, autonomy and sovereignty as psychological adults.

This means that clients will be coached and encouraged to practice tuning into, interpreting, trusting and committing to their own somatic, intuitive and cognitive signals for authentic self-direction.

Honouring present capacity via titration.

Silver’s work strives to honour clients’ nervous system capacity and autonomic balance in the now.

This means that she will provide guidance based on clients’ present demonstrated capacity for nervous system regulation and resourcing, so as to support development of nervous system resilience.

Working from a resourced state of being.

Silver’s work focuses on being, experiencing and expressing from an embodied state of ease and security, known as being resourced*.

This means that she encourages clients to practice being in, and choosing to engage with and respond to life’s ups and downs from, a resourced state of being as much as possible.

Engaging with the multi-dimensionality of wholeness.

Wholeness in Silver’s coaching work refers to acceptance and integration of, as well as intentional engagement with, the multiple dimensions of clients’ reality that may emerge during the course of their work with Silver.

This includes giftedness, twice- or multi-exceptionalities, shock or complex traumas, intersectionalities, cultural and environmental factors, on physical, psychological, emotional and intuitive levels, from present, past, future or parallel times, within the self or between self and other, human or non-human, embodied or disembodied, in this dimension or another.

Encouraging playful and creative engagement.

Silver’s work encourages clients to be playful and creative with how they engage with their coaching work and personal development process.

This means that Silver will, on occasion and when appropriate, make what may appears to be random or left field meta or practical suggestions that help shift client perspective and approach towards lightness and openness.

She may also, where appropriate, suggest playful and exploratory use of creative modalities to help clients learn how to support and expand their personal development process and toolbox.

Supporting self-organisation and self-determination.

When clients are able to engage with life from an embodied state of wholeness, sovereignty and resource, they will begin to experience the organic emergence of self-organisation within themselves and, correspondingly, their external reality.

Self-determination is an emergent property that flows from this state of being, rather than a thing we forcefully do to create or achieve.

It is Silver’s passion to support clients on their journey towards such an emergent experience of self-determination.

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