Cassandra Complex as Excuse.

In psychology, ‘the Cassandra metaphor’ is applied to the individuals who experience physical and emotional suffering as a result of distressing personal perceptions, and who are disbelieved when they attempt to share the cause of their suffering with others.

Types of Psychological Complexes, Analytical Psychology

Intuitives can be prone to the Cassandra Complex, particularly those who are insecure and need attention for self-validation.

Such individuals need people to believe their predictions to feel self-worth, whether their perceptions are real or imagined.

Distressing perceptions can and do occur during the course of intuitive work, however they are by no means any excuse for claiming physical, mental or emotional suffering.

Bluntly put, if you can’t handle it, don’t do it.


Intuition Does Not A Counsellor Make.

It takes a lot more than intuition to be a life coach or counsellor. Intuition is not certification.

No intuitive can see beyond their own biases, judgements, filters, inadequacies and limitations.
No intuitive is capable of seeing unadulterated reality.

If you are an intuitive, then your duty and responsibility, first and foremost, is to apply your intuition on your self as a tool for self inquiry, understanding and mastery.

Not to race out there and attempt to apply yourself onto others as a “guide”.

Be honest with yourself. That is not a quest out of selflessness, but rather out of selfishness, out of a need for self-validation and attention.

When you “care” too much about “helping” others, you are helping no one, not even yourself.


Know Your Intuitive Boundaries.

An intuitive is an open channel and vessel.

Like an empty pipe will fill with gushing water when submerged, so does an intuitive fill with the intangible contents of his or her environs, like thoughts and emotions.

Overwhelm is lack of control. It is also a lack of awareness and understanding of your self and current lifestyle.

Reduce unnecessary sensory input.
Move to a different neighbourhood.
Cull unhealthy relationships.

Every intuitive is different and has different needs. No one can teach you this. It is up to you. Claiming victimhood, however, is irresponsible.

If you are an intuitive {or empath, sensitive, clairvoyant or whatever else you choose to yourself. names don’t matter} it is your responsibility to understand and enforce your boundaries and limits.